Mission: Asia BizTech

Asia BizTech provides a diverse opportunity for students to understand and begin to master the interplay between the scholarly, cultural, political and economic levels at play in Asia and the world. Through an interconnected experience, a small cohort of motivated students bridge the gap between Boise State and Taiwan by establishing long-term friendships and lasting partnerships with Taiwanese stakeholders. At the core of this program, our goal is to create a foundational understanding of how to work effectively in Asia.

Meet The 2019 Cohort

Robert Butterfield

Robert Butterfield is a junior studying accountancy at Boise State University where he intends to become a CPA. When not in school he works remotely in Sales Prospecting for JEBCommerce an affiliate marketing agency. He is looking forward to experience learning and working in another culture during his time in the Biztech program because he plans to work abroad once graduating. The time spent in the program and working Nexcom will help demonstrate how the world works outside of the United States. The differences in management, politics, and the economy as a whole have become easier to recognize with the new experiences staying in a new country includes.

Colton Buzzard

Colton just graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in International Business at Boise State University. In between studying for his degree, Colton had a busy schedule working two jobs. One of which was a leasing agent and the other as a weekend bartender. When he is not studying or at work, Colton enjoys pick up basketball games at the REC Center, cooking at home and skiing at Bogus Basin. On top of his other hobbies, he has always had a long standing desire for interaction with the international community. With a background in sales, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a desire for new challenges Colton was looking for programs that would help him complete his degree. In addition to the Asia Biztech Program, Colton was accepted to the Mosaic Taiwan 2019 Program as well. After his time with Asia Biztech and Mosaic, Colton will begin his career as a Sales Associate Manager for PepsiCo’s subsidiary company FritoLay in Denver, Colorado.

Karina Carretero

Karina is a senior double majoring in International Business and Marketing. Her opportunity to be involved in several organizations such as the International Business Organization, Global Scholars Program, National Student Advertising Competition, University Studies Abroad Consortium, and now the Asia Biztech program has enforced her vision to incorporate both majors on an international scale. She is excited to intern this summer at the Taiwan-USA Industrial Cooperation Promotion Office – MOEA and gain insight working with a company that specializes in facilitating bilateral ventures between Taiwan and the United States.

Kelsey Cooper

Kelsey, an Idaho native, believes Asia Biztech has opened a door to the world for her and her peers. As an accelerated master of economics student in her final year, she is most excited about applying her knowledge in a foreign environment. Her interests in technology, foreign policy, culture and business are all coming to light along her journey in Taiwan. She is grateful for the support of our stakeholders and is confident in this program’s ability to strengthen international relations among the United States, Taiwan and the rest of the world. She will intern at the Industrial Technology Research Institute where she will pursue her passion for innovation in electronic waste recycling.

Nate Farris

Nate recently graduated from Boise State with a Bachelor’s Degree in Materials Science and Engineering, technically emphasized in Industrial Engineering. He is excited to be a member of the second Asia Biztech cohort and to experience new cultures. The Asia Biztech program explores the relationship between engineering and business While at Providence University, he learned about East Asian business culture, economics, and supply chain. Nate will be interning with Megaforce Co., Ltd. and expects to return from this program prepared to work towards a career in the outdoor recreation industry.

Mei-lin Fong

Hello all! Mei-lin Fong is currently a senior studying mechanical engineering. Due to an indecisive personality and a lack of motivation to find a major relatively quickly, she has not had the chance to study abroad until now and thought Biztech was the perfect opportunity to see the world while also gaining valuable experience through an engineering based internship. She is best known for her off-tune singing voice during KTV bus rides (yes, karaoke buses are a thing!), often getting mistaken for being able to speak the language, and can probably eat her weight in xiao long bao if given the chance. Good things come in small packages!

Melisa Hancock

Melisa is currently a senior studying Civil Engineering at BSU. She has been involved on campus with the Society of Women Engineers club, a National Residence Hall Honorary member and executive board member last Spring, participates in intramural sports, and will be a Resident Assistant for her third year in the dorms on campus. Melisa also works as a Research Assistant in the Civil Engineering department and focuses her work on the implementation of sustainability and resiliency into the CE curriculum. Melisa is beyond excited to have this grand opportunity of participating in the Asia Biztech program summer 2019. This trip has allowed her to learn more about international relations and business within engineering as well as travel to new places! She will be interning at Nexcom International and is happy to be learning so many new things while being abroad.

Alex Hoene

Alex is a senior in Mechanical Engineering at Boise State. After studying abroad in Spain her sophomore year, she has a passion for learning about new cultures and engineering on a global scale. Though her internship a wood-grain door, Alex gained an interest in production engineering. Alex decided to join the Asia Biztech program to learn about the engineering industry in Asia as well as the developments Taiwan has made in smart manufacturing all while being able to live abroad in a different culture.

Charlie McMullen

Charlie McMullen is a sophomore majoring in Mechanical Engineering with minors in Applied Mathematics, Biomedical Engineering, and Dance. She works as an apprentice at Idaho Dance Theatre and does part time schooling at Boise State University. This is Charlie’s first chance to travel abroad and it will be a pivotal point in her educational career. The unique insight given by Global Biztech (both culturally and politically) is something Charlie is excited to use moving forward in her career. She hopes that this opportunity to see the engineering industry overseas will help her make waves in industry not only in the United States, but globally as well. She hopes to use her new skills and knowledge to further US and Taiwan relations and improve global collaboration in the engineering field.

Shannon Nielsen

Shannon Nielsen is a junior majoring in International Business and minoring in Chinese Studies. She has been involved as an officer in the International Business Organization at Boise State, as well as the Chinese club. For the last two years, she has had an internship with Venturecapital.org, which has allowed her to work with entrepreneurs and just starting companies in acquiring capital. Taking part in the Global Biztech program for Shannon has been the most significant part of her educational career so far. Being immersed in a different country’s culture and language with the goal of collaborating and bringing two varying cultures together can feel like walking on a tightrope without a safety net. However, it has been a quintessential way to learn and push oneself which often cannot be replicated in the classroom. Shannon had her first taste of the Chinese culture and language in high school and since has become very interested in the United States and China and Taiwan Relations. Shannon sees her future-leaning towards being involved in the foreign service or global supply chain.

Daniel Stoddard

Daniel Stoddard is an International Business and Japanese Studies student at Boise State University. He will be entering his senior year this coming Fall. The Global Biztech program has given Daniel an opportunity to both experience a new culture and also work for an international company. Learning more about foreign economies and industry is another area in which Daniel hopes to learn more about during the trip. He wants to take what he learns from this opportunity and find a job assisting companies in their international integration. Daniel’s love for traveling, meeting new people, and exploring new cultures is the reason why he wants to pursue this work. He believes that globalization can be very beneficial to companies and wants to assist in the process.

Professor Jack Marr

Jack is the founder of Asia Biztech as well as Clinical Associate Professor and Director of Global Programs at the College of Business and Economics at Boise State University. Jack has 25 years’ experience in Asia, and in the past has served at McKinsey and Company Greater China, the U.S. Agricultural Trade Office in Shanghai, the Trade Office of the State of Missouri in Tokyo, and at Richina, one of China’s first venture capital funds. He has also held faculty posts at Kellogg, New York University, and City University of Hong Kong. He holds degrees from the University of Chicago and the University of Illinois, is married with two young boys, and loves to climb, ski, and bike in his free time.

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“We are grateful for bringing such a group of talented students from BSU to Taiwan. What you are doing with Taiwan Thinktank is a really down-to-earth and helpful program, a key for deepening U.S.-Taiwan relations”
Carol Huiling Pan
Section Chief, U.S. Academic Cooperation Section, Department of North American Affairs Ministry of Foreign Affairs, R.O.C. (Taiwan)

“I believe this program can really enhance the partnership between Boise State and Providence in terms of academic cooperation”
Kelly Chiu
Head of International Affairs Providence University

“We also were honored to talk with you and students. They are talented and creative, and we wish they can know more about Taiwan, felling the culture here”
Johnny Lin
Head of China Affairs Democratic Progressive Party

“It’s my pleasure to meet you all. We think Boise and Boise State really is a great opportunity for us.”
Lydia Huang
Product Development Directory Pemay Biomedical Technology Corporation

“Looking forward to seeing the second group next year”
Tristan Yau
Taichung City Government Urban Development Director

“I really enjoyed speaking with the cohort.  If ever you guys are back in town in the future, happy to do it again. Wishing them all the best in their internships!”
Ryan Engen
Economic Section Chief American Institute in Taiwan

“We can truly see the value of these students and this program and look forward to continuing to work together in the future”
Joe Shen
President Nexcom Corporation

“The cohort are awesome interns and got very good feedback from our companies. Good job!”
Doris Graff
Tseng, TUSA Chief Idaho Representative

“We feel blessed by the internship program. The young students from BSU have brought us enthusiasm and often new perspectives in linking the business between Taiwan and the United States. Experiences of working in an island state renowned for its high-tech sophistication will, I believe, certainly benefit these promising students in their future careers. In one word, this is an all-win program.”
Steve CH Lin
Executive Secretary, Taiwan-USA Industrial Promotion Office, Ministry of Economic Affairs

International Partners

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