Chinese Language Course


Chinese Learning experience

Course Description and Objectives

Along with your East Asian Project Management Course, you will be enrolled in a Chinese Language course as well. Learning Chinese is essential to the success of this program as it reinforces your interest and involvement in Asian culture. Also if you want to conduct business in Asian countries, it’s pivotal that you be able to speak some Chinese. It will also gain you a great deal of respect and appreciation from the companies and people you interact with. There are multiple levels of Chinese courses available and you will be assigned based on your proficiency in the language. The beginning level course will cover the basics of the Chinese language such as introducing yourself and where you’re from and provide a focus on applied Chinese in the workplace. Allowing you to ask and answer basic questions, and describe objects and locations. Higher division language courses are also available to those who are entering with more or some previous experience. Overall giving you a good foundation to start or continue your education in Chinese.

Benefits of a Language Course in Country

Taking a language course is critical to being able to function effectively in another country. Being able to speak the language of a country where nearly everyone speaks their native tongue is a necessity. Learning the language is essential and requires you to adapt quickly. There is no better way to learn a language than to immerse yourself in it, especially with the support of those who can help you learn when you don’t fully understand. When you are constantly hearing the language spoken around you, you naturally begin to pick up on how to say words and hear sentences that are frequently used. The Chinese Language teachers at Providence University are some of the best linguistic experts our cohort has ever seen.

The Key To A Billion Doors: Mandarin Chinese

“For every five people in the world, one is Chinese. The language with the most native speakers is Mandarin Chinese at around 1 billion; the second being Spanish with less than half as many. While spending over two years in China, I’ve experienced countless enriching and eye-opening conversations with locals that would have been impossible as my former monoliguistic self. I’ve had many job offers as a result of my language abilities, both directly and indirectly. Of all the skills one might choose to cultivate for the purpose of world expansion and increased access to opportunities, one of the most rewarding and worthwhile is to learn and apply a well-selected language.” – Jesse Curtis